Chicken Teriyaki

Moday ~ Friday 10:00 AM ~ 8:30 PM
Saturday            10:00 AM ~ 8:00 PM
Sunday               Close

* Complimentary Miso & Egg Flower soup for dine-in.
* Lunch special 10:00 AM ~ 2:00 PM, Mon ~ Fri.
* Catering is available.
* Free delivery to Boeing company.


Main dish with sushi rolls and tempura

Chicken, Salmon, Beef short Ribs, Chicken katus, General, Mongolian


Two different food in one dish.

Chicken&Gyoza, Chicken&Beef, Chicken&Shrimp, Chicken&Eggroll, Beef&Pork

Fried Rice

Fried rice with eggs, peas & carrots.

Chicken, beef, pork, shrimps can be added.


Fried noodle with cabbage, mushroom, broccoli, onion & garlic.

Chicken, beef, pork, shrimps can be added.

Togo and delivery only

Corona virus is spreading all area. We hope you to overcome this well. We accept the orders by delivery and takeout. You can call and pick up.

Another way is to use Ubereats (or Doordesh) for delivery at your home. There is a delivery fee, but it will be $ 0. Please check it out with Ubereats before you place an order.

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Thank you.

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